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Program Overview

Our program is based on knowledge of child development.  The curriculum is based on the age span of children within the group and is implemented with attention to the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of individual children.  Appropriate curriculum planning is based on teachers’ observations and recordings of each child’s special interests and developmental process.  Our curriculum aligns with the California Department of Education’s Pre-school learning Foundations.

Since our philosophy focuses upon the developmental process of the child, we provide programs that include growth in all areas.  This means providing learning experiences to promote language and literacy, math and science concepts, social development and self-help skills.   For example, children participate in interest areas such as building with blocks, creating with art materials, manipulating toys and objects that promote reading and math comprehension; working and playing with dramatic play, science, reading and sensory centers.  Available are experiences with sand, cooking, water, literature, art and music appreciation, and creative movement.

Our schedule provides for alternating quiet and active periods with all age groups participating in the inside and outside classrooms (weather permitting).

The preschool personnel and facilities meet the requirements as stated in the State of California Administrative Code governing childcare facilities.  We are licensed by the State Department of Social Services.

Early Pre-school Program for children 2 to 3 years old

Children at this age are constantly making new discoveries of the world around them.  Our Early Preschool program provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can creatively explore their curiosities while having all of their individualized needs carefully met.  Our Early Preschool children are provided with various interactive and exploratory activities, guiding children’s sensory-motor, cognitive and social growth and development, while laying a strong foundation for success in their early education experience.

Preschool Program for children 3 to 4 years old

With a growing understanding of the world, children begin to build self-confidence and competence at this age.  Active socialization patterns can be seen throughout their day, signifying their readiness  for more structured learning.  Along with various creative project-learning opportunities, our Preschool program offers structured, hands-on learning activities to foster children’s confidence in early literacy, math, science and social studies.  Our Preschool curriculum has been designed to meet the individualized needs of each child.

Pre-Kindergarten Program for Children 4 to 5 years old

Pre-kindergarteners display a rapid growth in their cognitive and social skills as they prepare for higher learning.  Building onto their experiences in Early Preschool and Preschool, our Pre-Kindergartners begin to show competence in early literacy and math concepts.  Whole-group and small learning opportunities are thoughtfully intertwined into our Pre-Kindergarten program, cultivating cooperative learning skills which will become valuable in their continuous years of learning.  Various imaginative and creative learning activities foster their continuous growth in their creative development, and children are able to partake in ballet and Taekwondo classes to aid in their physical development.