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Our Philosophy

Our over-riding objective is to provide students with the fine education in a positive, loving, learning environment.

Our constant challenge is to provide for optimal growth and development of children by:

  • Helping them develop spiritually, socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally.
  • Providing positive age-appropriate individual and group experiences.
  • Having many opportunities to learn through exploration, imitation, repetition and participation.

We believe that children learn through “hands on” experiences.  Activities are designed to develop competence, independence and self-esteem.  We provide an environment that guides and supports children’s natural inclination to challenge themselves, to be creative, and to grow in understanding the world around them.

Our Program Goals

  • To develop self-worth
  • To provide opportunities for physical and social development
  • To develop creative skills
  • To encourage intellectual and problem-solving skills
  • To train each child to be considerate of the feelings of others
  • To develop a positive attitude toward school
  • To offer a wide range of experiences to form a foundation for future learning
  • To promote confidence – and cooperation
  • To increase independence in meeting and solving problems
  • To promote language development
  • To help develop large motor skills (climbing, running, jumping, pedaling, swinging, etc.)
  • To help develop small motor skills (cutting with scissors, building blocks, working with puzzles, stringing beads, manipulating play dough controlling crayons, holding a paint brush, etc.
  • To further intellectual development and creativity
  • To develop the imagination through dramatic play
  • To help the child learn how to follow directions, complete tasks, and develop impulse control
  • To encourage the expression of feelings in acceptable ways
  • To encourage a positive attitude