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About Us


Morningside Presbyterian Children’s Center in Fullerton was established in 1970 as Clara Barton school, originally a co-op whose purpose was to be an outreach for Morningside Presbyterian Church, serving the families in the surrounding community.

Nearly one hundred children come to our campus daily for care, nurture, and instruction by qualified staff in an educational facility licensed by the State of California.


The purpose of the center is to provide children with a learning environment that is conducive to Christian growth and development, to encourage a lively awareness of God’s love for the child and his or her parents, and to provide full-time, reliable child care for working parents.


Our over-riding objective is to provide students with the finest education in a positive, loving, learning environment.

Our constant challenge is to provide for optimal growth and development of children by:

  • Helping them develop spiritually, socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally.
  • Providing positive age-appropriate individual and group experiences.
  • Having many opportunities to learn through exploration, imitation, repetition and participation.

We believe that children learn through “hands on” experiences.  Activities are designed to develop competence, independence and self-esteem.  We provide an environment that guides and supports children’s natural inclination to challenge themselves, to be creative, and to grow in understanding the world around them.